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Fixing-up AI art

AI art generators are amazing, and yet so many results are flawed. How can we fix their mistakes?

X1 Analog Tweaking

Optimizing a car stereo system can be tricky, particularly when working with a factory setup. Can improvements be made to a factory system while saving mone...

LX-5 Speaker Modifications

I have owned Radio Shack LX-5 bookshelf speakers for many years. At the time of purchase, they were unique for the cool-looking Linaeum tweeters that sat on...

More of the Tube Sound

The FX-Audio 03 adds bass and treble controls, over the FX-Audio 01. Are there other differences? Can you obtain a 'tube sound' cheaply?

Audio Thoughts

Revolutions in electronics have impacted how we listen to music, but the push for higher quality audio continues. What's the matter with today's audio that ...